Our Places

They are our “sentinels”, our two cypresses that give welcome in our Torretta. They welcome travelers from afar, like banners to the sky. They capture wishes of the hearts, looking up at the stars. They already know who you are; they are there, at the gates. You can listen to them, when the wind bends them and their solemn bow returns to your soul what you came here to find; and when you go away you see them, you feel a thrill of gratitude in your heart for so much beauty.


Our sentinels
(The cypresses)

“In front of my door (…) the cypresses swayed in the wind.
(…) Their roots were in the earth, their heads in the stars”.

Nazim Hikmet

The keeper of the Tower
(The lime tree)

Sparrows fly from the foliage of the lime tree like words from the mouth of a sage.

Christian Bobin

When you enter under our lime tree, you enter a magical, enveloping and fragrant space. You’re safe. You are inside the world, the present, but also outside. It is like a good, silent and wise presence, who observes and contemplates the life of the Tower, the flow of thoughts and hearts of those who visit and live it. And the lime tree listens, keeps the secrets that it entrusts to its leaves blown away by the wind or to the birds it leaves from its branches… Enter this space, hide yourself among its leaves and listen to yourself. Listen to what the wind suggests to your soul…

To be together, in company, enjoying delicious food and wine, is another way of loving each other!

You can meet new people, make new friends.

The magic of our pergola is a precious and indispensable moment to get back in touch with lots of greenery, in the company of friends and the beauty that nourishes flesh and soul, our breaths and dreams.

Outdoors in company!
(The pergola)

Let us still have a pergola of tranquility, and a sleep full of sweet dreams, and a strong and quiet breath.


John Keats

In the Center of the Heart
(The tower)

Cantico dei Cantici

Your neck like an ivory tower, your eyes like the pools of Heshbon, near the gate of Bat-Rabbìm, your nose like the tower of Lebanon that looks towards Damascus.

The Tower is the heart of our space. And the heart belongs to love. In all its forms. Coming to rest for a few days to Torretta is like returning to the heart of what we love; yes, behind the rest, there is the desire to rekindle and contemplate the joy of living, to feel lovers of Life, of the people we love, of the world and of the beauty that dwells in us and around us. Come, do not hesitate … From the top of our small tower, you will be able to see or glimpse new and profound horizons of the soul.

And then, here with us, you can find the well.

And rest near it, looking at the horizon.

And in silence bring out what quenches your soul, tap into it and rejoice.

Spaces of height between the depths of heaven and earth. In that immense there is you.

Come and join you …

Close to the source
(The well)

What that makes the desert beautiful (…) is that somewhere it hides a well.

Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

In the soft stone
(Il grottino)

In the dormant cave of the mind, dreams make a nest with the fragments fallen from the caravans of the day.

Rabindranath Tagore

And sleep under the rock vault? In this womb of domestic tranquility of the Torretta, you can feel at home. A unique experience, at the crossroads of art and nature; a womb to rest and wake up full of dreams!

Torretta Colle Silvi