About Us

Come to this farmhouse means letting yourself be lulled by the peace of nature, by the kindness of the owners, Chiara and Marco, who by so much love and deep devotion have decided to dedicate their lives to this wonderful project.

A project entirely aimed to hospitality and welcome. Chiara is a great cook: she impeccably manages breakfast, lunches and dinners in her kitchen, on request, for guests who want them.  There is a large park around this enchanting tower that almost seems to be out of this world, instead it is a stone’s throw from the city that you can admire from the tower.

You can deeply relax, lulled by the attentions of Marco and Chiara and by the silence that reigns supreme in a beautiful place full of history and energy.

Words are not able to convey what you actually feel on your skin when you stay in this corner of paradise. And last, but not least, there is Fausto, their son, a special boy who, with his immense passion for culture and art, will be able to involve guests in a sensory and sophisticated experience at 360 degrees.

The origins of Ferentino are ancient and shrouded in myth; legend ascribes its foundation to the god Saturn who, expelled from Olympus, settled in this area where he founded cities and spread the arts and techniques.

As evidence of the foundation, prior to that of Rome by at least 300 years, there are the so-called Cyclopean walls, a wall made up of stone blocks (with a volume even greater than 25 cubic meters) laid dry and interlocking to form fortifications about long. 2,500 meters, including 12 doors.

Etymology of the name Ferentinum (present participle of the Latin verb ferre: to produce) provides a precise idea of ​​the fertility of the place and the cleverness of the people who lived there.  Indeed it is true: the locals are bubbly and very creative.

All that remains is to reach this magic place and be welcomed by Chiara’s skilled hands and by Marco’s sympathy and generosity, who will be able to guide you in the discovery of his native land also in the company of good music, another great passion of him.

Good stay to all!

I can’t waiting for back and visit these dear people, who have become great friends.

Torretta Colle Silvi